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School Grants and Funding Opportunities

As part of the District 5 Strategic Plan, and our commitment to supporting Education in our community, our office has compiled a list of different grants and other funding opportunities for schools throughout the City of Tucson, Pima County, the state, and the country. There are lots of different sources out there providing funding and support to schools, and this list can serve as a starting point for additional research. Check it out! 




For a full list of grants and funding opportunities offered through the whole of the Federal Government and Federal sponsored project agencies, including previous, ongoing, and upcoming (forecast) grants, visit this page.


Arizona Department of Education Grants Management Resource Library:

For a full list of programs and resources offered through the State and the Federal Departments of Education, including previous grants and ongoing, visit this page.


Arizona Department of Education Grants Management Fiscal Year 2023 Important Dates:

For a full list of monthly tasks, checklists, and key dates to keep in mind, visit this page.


Candid Foundation Directory– A Partnership with the Foundation Center and GuideStar:

This searchable database of funders, including U.S. Federal funders can be sorted by organization or by person and allows users to customize their search.– Grow with Grants:

A national, searchable database for organizations, businesses, institutions, and individuals identifying grants and financial opportunities.


Pima County Grants Management & Innovation:

This Pima County Department offers a series of Quick Links that can direct users to additional services and resources, including other databases, frequently asked questions, and form completion assistance.

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